Why did you name your blog "3bagsfull"?

Good Question!! Years ago I had this earth shattering idea that I would make a living knitting and felting handbags and sell them around the world on Etsy. I put my marketing and creative genes to work and came up with the perfect name for my brand. Since the bags were made of wool yarn, I took my inspiration from the children's rhyme, "Black sheep, Black sheep - have you any wool? Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Three Bags Full."

One problem. I became very bored with knitting. But, the accounts were made and I was too lazy to start over. So, roughly five years later, the name is here to stay.

What do you post on your blog?

I like to share. Some family and friends would tell you I like to OVER share. I am always learning about something new and this blog is a vehicle to pass it on.

You can expect to find posts about what I love including beauty and skincare, all things tech, thrifting, and different ways to be a girl boss online.

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